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Good News Everyone!
NotchFlow, PathMove and Shake have been updated to support iOS6 and the new 4 inch retina screen.

The goss
I blogged about NotchFlow back in April (see NotchFlow – Water Flow Rate Calculator). This App is only available in the iTunes App Store.
NotchFlow in iTunes App Store

And back in March I spoke about PathMove (see PathMove – Moving objects along a bezier path in iOS) which is available on the App store, and the source code can also be downloaded from GitHUb.
PathMove in iTunes App Store
PathMove source code on GitHub

While more recently in June I released Shake! (see iOS Accelerometer – Shake Rattle and Roll) which is currently only available on GitHub, but I am still working on Apple to get it into the iTunes App Store.
Shake source code on GitHub

The future?
Who knows what the future will bring. Starting this week I will be exploring some ideas I have for some new apps. I am also headed to Orlando for the Engineers Without Borders’ South East Regional Conference (where I will be publicizing NotchFlow), and I am finally going to get started on figuring out what really needs to be done differently for an iPad app – as long as I can tear myself away from playing cut the rope!


It Lives!  My first steps into the world on blogs, and I’m hoping they’ll be more “Young Frankenstein” than “Frankenstein”.

As I mention in the About, Joalah Designs is my way of trying keep busy during the daytime hours – performing programming of various sorts in various locations.  And that this blog is meant to document some of the interesting and challenging ideas and situations that I encounter during my journey through the working world.

This is going to encompass everything from control systems programming for industry, through to iOS programming and even a bit of business practices and philosophy to boot. So sit down, strap in and hang on – it may be a bumpy ride.

And if your curious about what I can do for you, check out my main website at

Peter M